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I offer PIANO, organ, recorder, and bansuri  classes.  Please call Alex (416) 879-2416, to set up your child's piano lessons and ask all your questions regarding scheduling, cost, etc.

Please see my music students performing on YouTube (over 300 videos), click here:  

About Me


My students are not only well-prepared for RCM examinations, but also they are introduced to a variety of musical styles, approaches, and techniques. It opens their ears to possibilities. Music is a universal language which expresses our feelings and emotions. My approach to teaching piano is to explore your child’s musical tastes and preferences so that they become involved in music making, composition, and improvisation. In this way, children become interested and self-motivated to play the piano and make piano playing an integral part of their daily life. Playing the piano becomes a way for them to explore their own cultural background.

I am an Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association (ORMTA) certified piano teacher, specializing in teaching Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) method.  Additionally, my students play in a variety of musical  styles - boogie woogie, blues, jazz, and study improvisation, composition, theory and harmony.  I am a big fan of Vijay Thalapathy.

I also play pipe organ for mostly Anglican and United churches and currently I am on substitute organist list for the Toronto & Hamilton area. 

My objectives:
*   To inspire an appreciation for classical and multicultural music.
*   To teach RCM method, including technique, repertoire, performance skills, theory, harmony, improvisation, ear-training, sight-reading, listening skills.
*   To teach goal setting, practice habits, and time management.

Are you looking for the BEST PIANO TEACHER IN TORONTO?  When interviewing a potential piano teacher, ask to see any performances of that teacher's students (videos on youtube or live performances during his/her studio recital).  Ask if the teacher prepares students for RCM examinations, festivals, recitals, competitions, etc, and what marks are the students receiving.  Ask if the teacher sets educational goals for your child, or teaches popular music - the music of the artists which your child finds appealing.  Are that teacher's students playing in duets, ensembles, etc? 

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